Our Concept


The Manyoshu, the oldest collection of Japanese poetry, uses the word “unagi” (freshwater eel) in composition as a symbol of summer. Known from ancient times as having high nutritional value and became a delicacy for the masses from the Edo period onwards. Kanto style back sliced, Kansai style belly sliced and not steamed, rice bowl, lacquerware box sets and rice chests. For more than 1,000 years, unagi have delighted people. With local ways to prepare and special ways to serve and enjoy, unagi has elevated a refined culture of food.

Strips of unagi packed into a rice chest occasionally with the bitter flavor of raw leeks and nori seaweed. In addition, enjoy as a chazuke soup with our savory broth.
Bincho specializes in hitsumabushi, an original style Nagoya local cuisine. Recently, this cuisine has become known widely around the world among the Japanese foods that people would like to try.

It is a savory treat that brings many people a sense of home. Bringing traditional eel culture to the next generation creates a door to the future and creates a bridge for a healthy Japan when the small town is connected to the world.
Our mission is to pass on traditional eel culture and our vision is a beautiful and enriched future for Japan.