Privacy Policy

Bincho Co., Ltd (hereinafter, the Company) endeavors to appropriately manage and protect personal information in strict compliance with laws related to personal information, national policies and other standards. Customers using the website and services provided by the Company are considered to be in agreement with this policy.
  • The Company, including directors and employees, acknowledges the importance of protection of personal information and endeavors to protect personal information with appropriate management of personal information by the manager in charge of these duties.
  • The Company, in obtaining personal information including name and email address, shall obtain such information limited to the purpose of use and using a legal and fair method.
  • The Company will use obtained personal information for the following purposes, and only use it within the scope of the purposes.
    *Responding to customer inquiries and opinions, and in order to improve the services.
  • The Company endeavors to maintain and improve security in order to prevent loss, damage, modification or leaks of personal information. When outsourcing the management or processing of personal information, the Company will also implement oversight of appropriate management.
  • The Company, will not disclose obtained personal information without obtaining approval from the person in advance. However, when disclosure is required by a legal, governmental, police or other public agency and the request is determined to be legal and appropriate by the Company, disclosure of personal information may be made without advance agreement by the person.
  • The customer may request disclosure of the personal information of the customer held by the Company according to procedures designated by the Company. Additionally, when the customer wants to requests modification or deletion of the customer’s personal information, contact us using the “Privacy Policy Inquiries” information below. The Company will respond appropriately according to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.
  • IP Addresses
    ① IP addresses are identifying numbers assigned in order to specify communication devices connected to the internet (including computers, portable terminals and website servers). This enables transmission of data between the computer or portable terminal used by the customer and this website’s server.
    ② The Company uses IP addresses in order to prevent inappropriate access to the website and specifying the cause of server malfunctions and restoring, etc.
  • Cookies
    ① Cookies are information shared between the website and browser when viewing the customer website that enable identification of the customer’s browser. This website uses cookie information to improve services provided to the customer.
    ② The customer can avoid accepting cookies or have an alert issued when cookies are sent with the customer’s browser. However, when cookies are prevented from functioning normally, the website service may not be available for proper use.
  • The website may have links to other websites. Handling of personal information by those linked sites must be confirmed with the linked sites separately. The customer is responsible for their use of this website. The company bears no responsibility for any damages occurring from use of the information obtained using customer personal information from this website or other websites linked to from this website.
  • The Company endeavors to maintain personal information, review compliance status as needed and as appropriately and continuously improve it.
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    Bincho - Privacy Policy Manager
    This policy is subject to change for improvement without notice. For the latest version of this policy, check this website.
    August 2019
    Bincho Co., Ltd.